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Corporate Giants Clash: Berkshire & Haslam’s Tug-of-War Over Pilot Travel Centers

The Clash of Titans Over Pilot Travel Centers In a riveting corporate showdown, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and the Haslam family of Knoxville, Tennessee, have publicly squared off over the valuation of Pilot Travel Centers. Berkshire’s $10 billion investment for a controlling stake of the company has led to accusations of strategic accounting maneuvers, potentially…

From APIs to CDLs: Highs and Lows in Trucking’s Tech-Driven Era

The trucking industry is undergoing a radical transformation, driven by technological advancements and complex challenges. In this dynamic landscape, API integration has emerged as a critical element, revolutionizing how telematics systems operate and interact. From Terminal’s ambitious journey to replicate Plaid’s success in trucking to the troubling saga of Excel Trucking’s payment controversy, these stories…



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