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Every Business Is Different. Finding Drivers and Staff Will Never Be a One Size Fits All Solution. Optimum Logistic Solutions takes the pain away from recruiting and placing personnel. Our customer focused team is trained to enhance your company’s daily operations and take some workload off the table while ensuring your operations run smoothly. You can count on us to place CDL Class A, B, and C drivers. Needing an endorsed driver? No problem. 

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Although supplying licensed drivers to satisfied customers has been our game, we also succeed in placing warehouse personnel, dispatchers, and logistic executives. We can match the perfect candidate for your specific hiring needs. Whether you are looking for someone to fill-in for your best employee while they are on vacation, or an illness. Maybe your company is looking to fill a seat permanently, we can source through applicants for ones that fit your requirements & job descriptions. 

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Time Tested Techniques

At Optimum Staffing Solutions, we specialize in elevating the operational efficiency of your business through strategic staffing. With our roots in the transportation industry, we offer well-established connections and foster strong relationships with top-notch clients and staff daily.

Our extensive network ensures we pair you with highly experienced and professional CDL drivers, logistics experts, manufacturing maestros. We are equipped to fulfill any of your employment needs


We understand that business needs fluctuate. Optimum Staffing Solutions offers the flexibility you need with no long-term contracts or commitments. This approach allows you to adapt swiftly to market demands while maintaining control over your staffing requirements.

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With more than fifty years of proven experience, our record speaks for itself. We have been at the forefront of staffing solutions, serving big names in the logistics and manufacturing sectors.

We provide seasoned professionals not just workers; sure to be pivotal additions to your operations, bringing the reliability and expertise that drive success.

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Eliminate your exposure to worker’s compensation claims and other employment-related risks. Our comprehensive risk management strategies are designed to protect your business and enhance your operational peace of mind.


Our 360° approach to staffing encompasses all facets of recruitment, training, and management. By handling all services in-house, we guarantee a seamless and efficient process tailored to the unique needs of the logistics and manufacturing industries.
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