Direct Hire

OLS’s Direct Hire Program aims to be an extension of your company’s recruiters. We pride ourselves in taking the workload off your hands by fully vetting drivers, running background checks, completing MVRs, setting up drug screens & physicals and compiling a DQ file that fits your needs.

Why OLS?

OLS’s Direct Hire team offers 24/7 support. We understand the staffing world is volatile and our team strives to be there when you need us the most. Our Direct Hire department provides a small business feel by limiting the numbers of Direct Hire clients to Direct Hire specialist. We maintain a 1-1 ratio to ensure each client receives equal attention, while not stretching our services thin. We value each partnership and aim to become an extension of your companies recruiting team.


The Big 4: Client

Do You Have DOT Positions To Fill?

You're Covered

Our network of Class A, B, & C drivers fit your specific needs. We find drivers that fit your company's culture ensuring a seamless transition. Once you make an offer, we handle the entire hiring process.

Our Unique Approach

With the goal of diversifying your candidate pool, our team takes the time to fully understand your business’s culture & operations to prepare a campaign that reflects your needs. This approach helps ensure that your next direct hire placement hits the ground running.

Since our goal is to become an extension of your team we will have an extensive understanding of your company's hiring criteria. When screening candidates, your criteria will become ours.

We will only provide you with talent that meets and exceeds your standards. We weed out the talent that may not be the best fit for your needs.

We understand the importance of saving time and money. If you are spending too much time and resources on the recruiting process, we want to help take away that burden.

Get back to taking care of your core business needs and allow us at OLS to take care of all your staffing needs.

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