Monthly Archives - December 2023

From APIs to CDLs: Highs and Lows in Trucking’s Tech-Driven Era

The trucking industry is undergoing a radical transformation, driven by technological advancements and complex challenges. In this dynamic landscape, API integration has emerged as a critical element, revolutionizing how telematics systems operate and interact. From Terminal’s ambitious journey to replicate Plaid’s success in trucking to the troubling saga of Excel Trucking’s payment controversy, these stories…

Trucking in Transition: California’s Emission Rules, FMCSA’s Safety Focus & Yellow’s Revival Saga

In an industry that is the lifeblood of commerce, trucking regulations and policies are pivotal in shaping the future of transportation. California’s trailblazing Clean Truck Check (CTC) regulation, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) efforts to combat sexual assault, and the dramatic developments in the revival attempts of Yellow, a major trucking company, are…

The State of Automation: Balancing Innovation and Ethics in Trucking Technology

Autonomous Trucking’s Rocky Road Ahead The trucking industry, a vital player in the U.S. economy, faces a significant crossroads with the advent of autonomous trucking technology. Recently, California’s proposed legislation AB 316, advocating for human operators in heavy trucks, was vetoed by Governor Gavin Newsom, citing innovation concerns. This decision indicates a looming battle in…

Revitalizing Logistics: Axle’s Expansion, Lineage’s IPO, Fr8Labs’ Tech Leap & More Industry Shifts

The ever-evolving world of logistics and transportation is on the cusp of some exciting transformations, driven by innovative strategies and technological advancements. In this article, we delve into the latest developments shaping the industry’s future. From Axle Logistics’ ambitious expansion in Knoxville, boosting job opportunities and regional economic growth, to Lineage Logistics’ planned IPO, set…



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