Monthly Archives - November 2023

Breaking New Grounds: DSC’s Women-Focused Campaign & Texas’s Autonomous Trucking Advances

In the dynamic world of trucking and logistics, change is the only constant. This week’s selection of articles provides a fascinating glimpse into the evolving landscape of this critical industry. From empowering initiatives like Dependable Source Driving Training Academy’s efforts to diversify the trucking workforce, particularly by bringing more women into the fold, to the…

Innovating Trucking Talent: Minnesota’s Campaign Targets New Generation of Drivers

Embarking on a crucial journey towards revitalizing the trucking sector, the Minnesota Trucking Association is steering a path less traveled with the launch of its “Drive the Difference” campaign. This forward-thinking initiative, launched in April of this year, is not just another recruitment drive; it’s a concerted effort to reshape the industry’s future. With an…

Texas’ Ai Leap, Saving Yellow, & Finance Woes: This Week in Trucking

In a rapidly evolving logistics and freight transportation landscape, staying informed is not just necessary; it’s crucial. This compilation offers an insightful glance into the current state of the trucking industry, touching upon key developments that are shaping its future. From the bipartisan effort to rescue trucking giant Yellow, to Texas’ pioneering strides into autonomous…



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