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Automation Tipping Points, Innovative Battery-Swaps, and Yellow’s Bankruptcy: Another Week in Trucking

Happy Friday! Welcome back to another curated selection of the industry’s top stories this week! The spotlight falls on three key areas: the changing tides in self-driving technology, the looming financial woes of freight carrier Yellow, and the exciting potential of battery-swap technology for electric vehicles. As Waymo places its trucking division on hold, we…

Navigating Industry Shifts: Rising Verdicts, Yellow’s Predicament, and India’s EV Aspiration

Welcome to the latest installment of Optimum Logistics’s weekly news roundup – your one-stop shop for essential news in the trucking and logistics industry. As we navigate through the evolving landscape of the logistics world, we’ll delve into a collection of insightful news pieces that we’ve handpicked to help keep the commercial drivers, industrial staff,…

Safety Around the Clock: FMCSA Reveals Decision on Trucking Hours-of-Service

Defending Hours-of-Service Regulations In a notable move, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has denied truck driver John Olier’s individual request for an exemption from hours-of-service regulations. Scheduled to be published in the Federal Register, this decision underlines the FMCSA’s commitment to its established rules. Olier had argued that his safe operation under previous…

Driving Forward: Exploring a Driver Shortage, Autonomous Revolution, and Emission Challenges – Weekly Trucking Highlights

From riveting debates surrounding the so-called ‘truck driver shortage’ to the promising potential of autonomous trucking, we bring you the latest news and developments. Buckle up as we delve into riveting debates, such as the ‘truck driver shortage,’ and explore the promising potential of autonomous trucking. This curated compilation of recent news articles offers a…



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