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Innovating Trucking Talent: Minnesota’s Campaign Targets New Generation of Drivers

Embarking on a crucial journey towards revitalizing the trucking sector, the Minnesota Trucking Association is steering a path less traveled with the launch of its “Drive the Difference” campaign. This forward-thinking initiative, launched in April of this year, is not just another recruitment drive; it’s a concerted effort to reshape the industry’s future. With an…

Unraveling TQL’s Overdue Overtime: Exploring Updates & Industry Impacts

The ever-evolving logistics and trucking industry occasionally confronts unexpected turns. Today, we turn the spotlight on a recent courtroom revelation involving Total Quality Logistics (TQL), a leading U.S. freight brokerage. This ruling sheds light on longstanding missteps, possible ripple effects throughout the sector, and the delicate interplay of employee rights with corporate interests. For industry…

Lapses in Logistics: India’s Data Breach & Its Broader Implications

In today’s digital age, with the logistics and trucking industry increasingly reliant on tech-driven solutions, the security of online portals becomes paramount. When such systems falter, the ripple effect is felt across commercial drivers, logistics personnel, and the broader industrial staff. The major data breach in India’s state-owned logistics portal has stirred concerns. This breach,…

Elmer Buchta Trucking’s Unexpected Turn: Bankruptcy, Affiliates, and the Future

The trucking and transportation sector is ever-evolving to it’s very core, affecting every commercial driver, logistics expert, and industrial personnel. In this post, we unravel the sudden bankruptcy of Elmer Buchta Trucking, a major player in the logistics realm since 1938. Unearth the nuances of their fleet, ownership changes, affiliate involvements, and looming creditors and…



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