Women Behind the Wheel: Exploring Insights & Solutions for Fostering Equality in Trucking

Women Behind the Wheel: Exploring Insights & Solutions for Fostering Equality in Trucking

The trucking industry is one of the long-established cornerstones of global commerce. In all its history, there have been many different hurdles the industry has overcome. Today is no different, with tales of strain being felt across the labor force, the world we’ve come to depend on depends on having drivers behind the wheel. However, facing struggles such as an aging workforce, the industry knows that it must evolve if it wants to continue supporting the lifestyles we’ve all become accustomed to. So, what’s the hold up? Well according to some experts, it seems the industry continues to struggle with gender diversity. Recent research put out by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) reveals several challenges that deter women from entering this field. Despite women being statistically safer drivers, their representation in the trucking workforce remains below 7%. Join us as we dive into the key findings from ATRI’s study and explore some actionable strategies your company could deploy to make the trucking a bit more welcoming for women.

Perception vs. Reality

According to the statistics, one of the most striking barriers found through the research is the pervasive negative perception placed upon the majority of female drivers within the trucking industry. Despite the public’s generally positive view of trucking, these antiquated attitudes toward women behind the wheel seem to persist. A remarkable 31% of survey responses highlighted issues related to how women are perceived and treated, spanning the entire spectrum from fellow drivers to motor carriers and even shippers. This deep-seated bias translates into a lack of respect and recognition for female truckers, making it an uphill battle for them to gain the same level of acceptance and appreciation as their male counterparts. But that’s just the beginning…

Key Challenges Identified

The recently released ATRI study sheds light on several specific challenges that contribute to women’s hesitance in pursuing trucking careers. These challenges range from cultural biases within the industry to practical concerns about safety and facilities, painting a comprehensive picture of the obstacles women face. By understanding these barriers, the industry can begin to implement meaningful changes that encourage more women to join and thrive in trucking:

  1. Industry Culture and Respect:
    • Many women reported feeling a lack of respect within the industry. This encompasses not only interactions, in person and online, with colleagues and management on top of the broader cultural resistance to the capability of female truck drivers. Improving workplace culture to foster respect and inclusivity on and off the clock is crucial.
  2. Communication and Recognition:
    • Unclear and inconsistent communication from motor carriers, coupled with a lack of recognition and appreciation initiatives, leaves female drivers feeling undervalued and underprepared. Clear, concrete communication channels and regular acknowledgment of contributions can help mitigate this issue.
  3. Safety Concerns:
    • While personal safety ranked lower on the list of concerns, it remains significant. Ensuring safe work environments and addressing specific safety needs for women on your end can act as a huge confidence booster in their own roles. Like with anything, meeting in the middle is always best!
  4. Parking & Restroom Access:
    • Limited access to safe parking and clean restroom facilities is another practical, yet manageable, barrier. Addressing these basic safety needs can significantly improve the day-to-day experiences of your fleet’s drivers.
  5. Physical Demands:
    • Concerns about physical ability to perform certain tasks were also noted. Providing hands-on training and equipment can mitigate these concerns, ensuring that all drivers, regardless of gender, have equal, foundational experience and are well equipped to perform all their duties effectively.
  6. Recruitment and Retention Initiatives:
    • Carriers that implement targeted recruiting and retention initiatives for women have a higher percentage of female drivers. This indicates the effectiveness of such programs in creating a more inclusive workforce.

The data we’ve utilized in this post comes from comprehensive research conducted by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI). This extensive study gathered insights from thousands of surveys submitted by truck drivers, carriers, and training school representatives. In addition to these surveys, ATRI conducted in-depth interviews with a focus group of female commercial drivers, aiming to understand the root causes of the issue with honesty and accuracy.

So…What Drivers Are Saying?

ProblemRank (Women)Percent (Women)Rank (Men)Percent (Men)
No / Limited Access to Exercise Facilities142.2%230.2%
No / Limited Access to Safe Parking241.1%130.9%
No / Limited Access to Restroom Facilities339.1%423.1%
Concern over Personal Safety430.2%328.7%
Negative Stereotypes528.5%618.2%
No / Limited Mental Health Resources625.2%816.2%
Company not giving enough breaks722.8%716.8%
Excessive Detention Time at Customer Facilities820.4%521.8%
Too Much Time Away from Home920.3%914.6%
Limited Advancement Opportunities1018.1%1012.1%
Harassment or Discrimination1117.6%118.8%
Lack of Childcare1211.3%124.9%
Driver-Identified Problems Experienced Daily per ATRI Research

The Most Cited Challenges: Ranked

Reasons Women Believe it is More Challenging for Women Truck DriversPercent of Total Responses
Attitude toward women / disrespect31.3%
Personal safety12.6%
Restroom access12.2%
Physical abilities11.6%
Not more challenging for women6.6%
Having to prove yourself5.7%
Home-time / children5.6%
Equipment / maintenance3.2%
Hygiene / menstruation2.9%
Reasons women view the industry as more challenging per ATRI Research

Strategies for Change

Creating a more inclusive and supportive work environment is key to attracting and retaining not just women, but the best talent in the trucking industry in general. By implementing strategic changes like these, your business can make significant strides toward equality and efficiency. Here are some practical steps to help foster a healthy work environment for every member of your fleet:

  1. Foster a Respectful Culture:
    • Create and maintain an environment that promotes respect and equality across the board. Regular training sessions on diversity and inclusion can help shift the industry culture.
  2. Enhance Communication:
    • Establish clear and consistent communication channels. Regular check-ins and feedback loops ensure that all drivers feel heard and valued.
  3. Implement Recognition Programs:
    • Create initiatives to recognize and celebrate individual achievements. This can range from employee of the month programs to annual awards, fostering mutual respect and acknowledgment.
  4. Address Safety Concerns:
    • Invest in safety training tailored to support the more gender-specific needs of women. Ensure that all facilities, including rest stops and company terminals, are safe, supplied and secure.
  5. Improve Facilities:
    • Partner with service stations and rest areas to guarantee access to clean and safe restroom facilities. Consider installing additional amenities where needed, perhaps in the cab?
  6. Provide Adequate Training:
    • Offer comprehensive training programs that address physical aspects of the job. Utilize technology and equipment that can aid in performing physically demanding tasks fostering an equalized effort and capability.
  7. Launch Targeted Recruitment Campaigns:
    • Develop campaigns specifically aimed at attracting women to the industry, show them how you’re different! Highlight success stories, changes and implementations, and of course the immense potential for career growth offered by the industry.
  8. Monitor and Evaluate Progress:
    • Routinely assess the effectiveness of initiatives and make necessary adjustments. Collect feedback from actual female drivers to understand their needs and experiences better.

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