Tesla’s Elusive Semis: Trucking Stories You Won’t Want To Miss

The Search for Tesla + Addressing Fraud Fair Pay & Other Feats

Welcome to this week’s edition of trucker news, where we dive into the latest developments and stories impacting the trucking industry. In today’s roundup, we’ll discuss Tesla’s struggle to deliver on its electric semi-truck promises, the consequences of a North Carolina man’s trucking company scam, the crucial role truckers play in our nation’s supply chain, and the ongoing fight for fair pay and better working conditions. Stay with us as we explore these captivating stories and discover how they affect the world of trucking.

Tesla’s Truckload of Promises

Elon Musk’s Tesla Semi promised to revolutionize the trucking industry with its “sick” looks and industry-leading performance. However, six years after the grand reveal, Tesla’s electric semi-truck has yet to make a significant impact in the market. Despite hopes to produce at least 50,000 units annually by next year, Tesla has only delivered around three dozen trucks to a single publicly identified customer. The company’s silence and absence from key events, like California’s ACT Expo, has left the industry wondering about the Semi’s future.

Diminishing the Giant

California’s push for zero-emission trucks has opened up a potential $40 billion market, despite this, Tesla seems to be lagging behind. With only 134 battery semi-truck sales recorded in California in 2022, none of which were Tesla Semis, the company has seemingly missed an obvious opportunity to dominate the electric truck space. Unsurprisingly, Competitors such as Volvo, Daimler, and Nikola have continued making progress, putting pressure on Tesla to catch up or risk losing out on a significant market share.

Where Are the Trucks?

Despite announcements from big truck fleets, like Ryder and J.B. Hunt, regarding plans to buy thousands of Tesla Semis, nearly six years later, they are still waiting for the opportunity. The company’s reluctance to share Semi production and sales details has raised questions about the true state of Tesla’s progress and commitment to the project. As electric vehicle competitors like Nikola continue delivering more and more trucks to dealers, ramping up production, Tesla’s slow pace has left both customers and investors disappointed.

Navigating a Competitive Landscape

Beyond this, even if Tesla manages to increase Semi production, it still faces the challenge of convincing fleet owners to switch from dominant suppliers like Peterbilt, Volvo, Daimler, and Freightliner, all of which now have their own green trucks. With the electric and hydrogen truck market gaining significant traction over this year, Tesla must step up its game if it plans to remain a competitive player in the industry, otherwise, the company risks losing its once prominent position.

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Phantom Trucking Company Scam

A North Carolina man found himself sentenced to prison after attempting to secure COVID-19 related business relief funding for a nonexistent trucking company. Joseph Alexander Casillas was recently handed a six-month prison sentence followed by three years of supervised release, as reported by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina. In February 2023, Casillas pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

PPP Loan Fraud Unraveled

Casillas submitted two fraudulent Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan applications in March and April 2021, each requesting over $20,000. He claimed to be the owner of a longstanding trucking company with $100,000 in annual payroll expenses, even providing a forged 2019 tax record as evidence. However, the trucking company itself never existed. In addition to his prison sentence, Casillas was ordered to pay $92,734 in criminal restitution to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

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Truckers: Unsung Heroes of Supply Chain

It comes as no surprise to us that truckers are the backbone of our nation’s supply chain, responsible for delivering everything from groceries to lifesaving medicines. A House subcommittee hearing held on Wednesday delved into the many challenges facing the trucking industry and ultimately impacting consumers’ access to the goods they need. More than 80% of communities rely exclusively on trucks for their goods, making truckers an essential player in the grand scheme of life in today’s world.

Addressing the Recruitment Crisis

The trucking industry is facing a severe recruitment and retention problem, with a shortage of nearly 80,000 truckers in the U.S. It’s been made clear that one of the largest contributors to this problem are unsafe or unfair working conditions. Beyond that, low wages, lack of safe parking, and long wait times without pay are some of the major concerns voiced by truckers. Congress is currently considering legislation to expand safe parking options for truckers and helping ensure they are protected on the job while at the same time avoiding overburdening them with excessive regulations.Β 

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Truckers United for Fair Pay

Truckers from the Truckers Movement for Justice took to the streets of D.C. last week, demanding lawmakers address unfair practices that lock drivers into poverty and debt, contributing to the already existent driver shortage. These drivers are advocating against practices such as wage theft, unpaid wait times, and lack of overtime pay, arguing that the trucking industry’s biggest issues stem from a pay shortage rather than a lack of workers.

The Struggle for Just Compensation

Despite meeting with senior officials from the Department of Transportation (DoT) in 2021 as part of Joe Biden’s trucking action plan, truckers have yet to see solid progress on their core demands. Adjusted for inflation, the average pay for a truck driver in the US has dropped significantly since 1980 – from about $110,000 annually to around $48,000 today. Truckers argue that they should be paid for all hours worked, including overtime, as some can put in as many as 70-plus hours a week without receiving proper compensation.Β 

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Before You Hit The Road…

As we conclude this week’s trucker news roundup, it’s clear that there are several pressing issues in the industry, ranging from Tesla’s electric semi-truck challenges to the ongoing fight for fair pay and improved working conditions for truckers. These stories emphasize the importance of the trucking industry and the challenges it faces in our modern world. What are your thoughts on these top stories? Share your opinions in the comments section below, and don’t forget to check back next week for another edition of our weekly trucker news roundup.

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