It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a… wing?


Chris and Rick enjoying wings at the Optimum Logistic Solutions OLS booth at the Big Kahuna Wing Festival 2022
Chris and Rick Enjoying One Of Many Delicious Wings!

The 2022 Big Kahuna Wing Festival was all about celebrating chicken wings, and Optimum Logistic Solutions was there to help support this awesome cause!

On September 4th hungry people filled World’s Fair Park to eat as many chicken wings as they could during the 2022 Big Kahuna Wing Festival. We were no different.

This year we celebrated the creation of the Buffalo Wing.

Did you know that the Buffalo wing hasn’t been around that long? Invented by Teresa Bellisimo in 1964 at the Anchor Bar which she owned and operated in Buffalo, New York. What’s even crazier is it was a complete accident! Her son’s friends came in late one night, and with nothing to offer them except chicken scraps she’d normally use for soup, she deep friend them and tossed them in a special sauce and BOOM! the rest was history. This accident would actually end up upending an entire multi-billion-dollar sector of American agriculture. Today her little accident is a staple we just can’t live without! The proof? Around 27 billion wings are eaten by Americans every single year!

Wings weren’t the only good thing this weekend!

Together, we helped raise tens-of-thousands of dollars to benefit the UT Culinary Institute as well as the Empty Stocking Fund, the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital and the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Tennessee Valley.

OLS, along with other local restaurants and businesses participated in a chicken wing cook off. There was also a wing eating competition as well as a Bobbing for Wings contest where participants plucked chicken wings from a pool of ranch dressing, using only their mouths! Learn more about our work in the local communities here!

Meet The Optimum Team for Cooking Wings!

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