Driving New Innovations: EASE Logistics & Ohio Debut America’s First Automated Truck Platooning System

Automated Convoys?

In this age of fast-paced technological advancements, the transportation sector remains a vibrant arena of innovation and evolution. Today, we will delve into a remarkably transformative venture led by EASE Logistics, the first American carrier championing the integration of truck platooning technology on revenue-generating routes. This monumental leap, achieved in partnership with the Ohio Department of Transportation and DriveOhio’s Rural Automated Driving Systems, marks a significant milestone in leveraging automated technology in the name of optimized safety, efficiency, and control in the industry.

Pushing Boundaries with Truck Platooning Technology

Ohio-based company, EASE Logistics, is at the forefront of this transformative venture. Making history, it stands as the first American carrier to introduce truck platooning technology on revenue-generating routes. In collaboration with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and DriveOhio’s Rural Automated Driving Systems (ADS). This style of automated technology is a bit different than other examples we’ve seen in the industry. With platooning systems, there is a “leader” truck guiding a “follower” truck on rural Ohio routes, allowing one driver to manage two separate vehicles through the utilization of this unique automation tech.

A Partnership Driving Innovation on Ohio Roads

In line with its vision to pioneer innovative supply chain solutions, EASE Logistics is putting this novel technology into action across 32 counties in Ohio’s Eastern and Southern rural regions. The company’s drivers, have already thoroughly trained over a combined 400 hours. With training now behind them, they are are poised to operate this technology proficiently and effectively. The future of Ohio’s roads seems bright with EASE’s semi-trucks, nicknamed ‘Tom’ and ‘Jerry’, equipped with state of the art AI vehicle-to-vehicle communication, hitting the roads soon.

A Balance of Automation and Human Control

Despite being at the helm of technological advancement, EASE Logistics places an important emphasis on safety and control. Both trucks in the platoon will carry trained drivers, and platooning will only be deployed under optimal operating conditions, taking into account things such as the weather, traffic, and any other road circumstances that could jeopardize safe operation. The follower truck driver is also equipped with the ability to override the system if necessary and assume manual control of the truck, further reinforcing the company’s commitment to safety.

EASE’s duo of 53′ tractor trailers incorporating technology-driven connectivity for platooning. Source: Ease Logistics

Leading State in Smart Mobility Innovation

This collaborative effort with DriveOhio, ODOT, the Transportation Research Center (TRC), and Bosch is a testament to EASE’s ambition to pave the way for safer and more efficient supply chains. EASE’s CEO, Peter Coratola, Jr., highlights the significance of this innovation, calling it a crucial stepping stone towards safer rural roads. Furthermore, any data generated from the Rural ADS project will go on to be shared with federal legislative bodies in an effort to help shape national Automated Driving System policies, truly demonstrating Ohio’s leading role in smart mobility innovation.

Recognized Excellence and Anticipated Impact

Having already been ranked #1 in transportation on Fortune’s list of America’s Most Innovative Companies, EASE Logistics has a proven track record in innovation. With this new initiative, the company aims to generate a ripple effect of positive change throughout the transportation industry, reinforcing Ohio’s status as the leading state in smart mobility innovation. The deployment of this technology is expected to contribute to improved safety and efficiency, paving the way for a brighter future of transport.

Before You Hit The Road…

it’s clear that the industry is on the brink of a major transformation, with innovative companies like EASE Logistics steering the course in new and fascinating ways. Their pioneering work in truck platooning technology, already standing out due to its potential to enhance both safety and efficiency, truly sets the stage for a new form of revolution in the transportation industry. As Ohio continues to pave the way in smart mobility innovation, we’re eager to see how this impacts the broader transportation landscape.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these developments. How do you envision the future of trucking with the integration of this fresh and innovative technology? Let us know in the comments section below.

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