A New Team: The Bipedal Robot Redefining Logistic Automation

Move over, Iron Man, because there’s a new superhero in town: Digit, a bipedal robot from Agility Robotics! The logistics and transportation industry is already witnessing the transformative power of automation and autonomy, with autonomous trucks leading the charge. In fact, we’ve covered a handful of these advancements on our blog this year. Once again, we’re thrilled to discuss another area experiencing an onslaught of innovation – bipedal robots and their impact on logistics and supply chain management.

ProMat 2023

This week logistic pros and enthusiasts will attend ProMat 2023, the biannual trade show and exhibition taking place in Chicago, IL. This event showcases the latest manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain solutions and technologies. Industry professionals from manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and transportation gather to learn about cutting-edge trends and innovations. Among the many impressive exhibits appearing, one particularly exciting attraction that has caught the attention of many is Agility Robotics and their unique bipedal robots.

Agility Robotics

Agility Robotics was founded by Dr. Jonathan Hurst and Dr. Damion Shelton a duo based out of Albany, Oregon. The company has already made waves based on their unique take on specializing in designing and building advanced robots for various commercial applications. The twist? They have legs. Their flagship product, the Cassie robot, is designed to operate autonomously and navigate complex environments with ease. Agility Robotics has attracted significant attention and investment from diverse industries, such as logistics, e-commerce, and healthcare, due to their groundbreaking technology and the potential to transform various parts of the industry from warehouse work to delivering packages.

Taking the Stage

This year’s ProMat is slated to be one for the books as it will finally showcase Agility Robotics’ latest bot, Digit. Digit is the team’s latest rendition of a bipedal robot and it is quickly becoming the go-to solution for numerous arms of our industry. At this week’s event, Digit will demonstrate its logistic capabilities in a replica warehouse. This is expected to be a very interesting and inspiring display of technology since unlike other robots we’ve become used to, Agility Robotics’ creations aren’t designed to simply mimic human movements. Instead, they’re built to work alongside humans, complementing human labor rather than striving to replace it entirely.

Meet Digit

While we wait for the full display later this week, let’s discuss what we already know about Digit. For starters, Digit is compact, strong, and versatile, capable of carrying up to 16kg (35lbs) and working for up to 16 hours in a 24-hour period. Even more impressive robot can autonomously connect to its docking station to recharge, eliminating the need for costly retrofitting. It’s just like a Roomba! As for walking capabilities, it’s actually able to move in any direction, traverse unstructured terrain, and detect and navigate around obstacles, including people. This is a game changer because it opens a door for true collaboration between human workers and their automated counterparts.

Especially since Digit can pick up and put down objects of varying sizes and weights, making it an even more valuable asset in logistics and transportation. With its wide range of capabilities, it’s no surprise that Digit is rapidly becoming the robot of choice for many industries. As we continue to explore advancements in automation and autonomy, it’s evident that Agility Robotics is worth keeping your eye on as they seem to be spearheading a new movement and mindset in innovation within logistics and transportation.

Live Stream Update:

For those interested, a livestream of the Digit Demo at ProMat 2023 will be streamed on YouTube later today. Be sure to check it out!

That’s All For Now

As automation and autonomy continue to revolutionize these sectors, bipedal robots like Digit have the potential to play an increasingly important role in supply chain management. With its unique design, versatility, and ability to work alongside humans, Digit represents a new era of automation that complements human labor rather than replacing it.

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